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Gita Nagari welcomes your university Alternative Break! Get a taste for life on the farm and experience sustainable living in action.

Students will have an opportunity to milk cows, work with trained oxen, learn about practical self-sufficiency and reconnect with the natural world throughout any of our alternative break programs. Being rooted in the principles of compassion, environmental justice and animal welfare, our farm offers a peaceful space in which students can serve, relax, introspect, and return home with new perspectives.

Every year Gita Nagari hosts a diverse audience of students from schools such as the University of Michigan, Penn State University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Our spring calendar is filling up with upcoming guests from Rutgers University, Bowling Greene University and several others. With facilities capable of comfortably accommodating up to 100 guests, we’re sure that Gita Nagari will provide a fun, educational, and enlightening experience for any university break.

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