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Biodigestion for Methane

Biodigestion for Methane

The science is clear – fossil fuels are outdated and unsustainable! But how do we power ourselves in the modern day? Our biodigestors are a way for us to transition to more natural, efficient sources of fuel.

By processing cow dung (which we have a surplus of) our biodigestors can produce methane gas which could power our kitchen stovetops and oven. The only byproduct is composted manure which can then be collected and spread on the fields where healthy crops will thrive.

While we have not reached this level of sustainability, we have piloted a unit which produced 2 hours of burn time from 8 pounds of manure matured over 25 days.

Currently, we have installed a large 10 cubic meter concrete inground digestor which is yet to be commissioned.

To contribute towards the commissioning of the inground digestor and the revive the pilot project, please donate or join us on the farm as we invest in more biodigestion units and make progress towards self-sufficiency.