Ox Powered Agriculture

Your donations have helped us purchase our first ox-powered farm equipment! Check out the video update and please share!

A key part of sustainability at Gita Nagari is to progress towards full self-sufficiency through cooperation with our teams of oxen.

We are privileged to currently work with several oxen of various ages and skill levels. With voice commands and a loving relationship built on trust, our oxen and their trainers are able to organically perform a wide variety of farm tasks that would otherwise be reliant on tractors, fossil fuels and heavy machinery. Together with the oxen we will achieve our goal to be completely free from dependence on fossil fuels for our non-profit farming operation. Please help us get started!

The only impediment to our progress is a need for equipment purchase, fabrication and construction. As spring arises, the snow is quickly clearing and the ground thawing, so we are asking you to help us raise $15,000 for our sustainable farming program this season!

Your donations will help us purchase –

·         Walking plows
·         Riding plows
·         Discs
·         Harrows
·         Walking cultivators
·         Riding cultivators
·         Hay wagons
·         Hay rakes
·         Transport wagons
·         Logging arches, sleds, and shoes
·         Culti-packer
·         Construction of an equipment storage shed

We thank you from our hearts for reading and for any support you are able to offer. Share with a few friends and help us make a difference in the world.

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