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About Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture restores relationships by connecting consumers to their food source, the land and the farmer. Consumers and farmers then form a broader farm community where one may buy a share of the harvest produced. By paying for a share, the costs of farm operations are covered and in return the farm provides a weekly supply of produce during the growing season.

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What We Offer

We are excited to announce a multi-farm CSA distribution of fresh, local vegetables every week starting May 29th and ending October 30th. For just under $32 a week, Gita Nagari will provide an abundance of local produce, 15-20 lbs for 22 weeks plus a delivery charge of $2.50 per week.
This brings your total to an early bird price of $750, with a flat rate of $825 thereafter. Payment is required upfront in full. Delivery will typically arrive on Saturday or Sunday. We will stay in touch and you will receive a weekly newsletter via Whatsapp notifications.


Our CSA Agreement

By submitting payment below, I agree to participate in the 2022 Multi-Farm CSA program at Gita Nagari Eco-Farm & Sanctuary (GNEFS). Membership entails sharing the benefits and risks of small-scale agriculture, and I understand that I may be blessed with an abundance of some crops, a lack of others, and just the right amount of others, based on weather patterns, insects and other production factors, as the season permits.
I agree to pick up my share on the appointed day and at the pick-up location for the duration of the season or make alternate arrangements in advance.
I agree to pay the full amount of either $750 by April 24th or $825 thereafter for my share upfront. I understand that GNEFS depends on my financial support and/or labor. In return GNEFS will provide me with the best produce and product possible. I understand that the produce quantity and length of growing season may vary with weather conditions.

Watch our volunteers in action!