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Gita Nagari Eco Farm & Sanctuary is powered by a dedicated group of volunteers, each person very talented in their own right. We have accomplished cooks, herdsmen, gardeners, hosts, ox trainers, tour leaders, planners, strategists, visionaries, musicians, organizers, scholars, artists, yogis, bee-keepers, foresters, carpenters, teachers, accountants, and most of all, they are all accomplished in love. The team is respectful, loving and compassionate – with themselves, each other, the larger community and with all they meet. There is diversity in many respects: country of origin, interests, talents, abilities, and perspectives, yet there is unity in purpose.

We endeavor to live intentionally. On the land owned by the non-profit, we have 13 volunteers. Surrounding the farmland are 12 families who also live according to values shared with Gita Nagari.  Mature, stable, ages ranging from 10 days young to 76 years old, these families are diverse and full of heart.  Together, this wider community and the on-site volunteers strive in their respective lives and offerings, to accelerate global transformation through compassionate living – one person at a time, one animal at a time, one family at a time, one village at a time.



Music of the Heart 2013

Ajamila steals our hearts in our New Year's Eve Music of the Heart here in GN…

Posted by Gita Nagari Farm on Thursday, January 3, 2013