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Compliments From Guests

Couldn’t ask for a better and relaxing weekend to start the new year off with an amazing yoga retreat. Met incredible new friends, ate delicious food, took in gorgeous sights, and took some of the most energizing and calming Yoga classes ever. Feeling blessed ?‍♀️ @ Gita Nagari Farm

I had such a wonderful impactful time at your farm and I really hope you are immensely successful. I plan to bring my family with me next time. I want them to learn about compassionate living, non-violent communication, and voluntary happiness as you put it as well.

I want to say it was a really fun, relaxing and spiritual retreat. I want to thank everyone for such a good time! It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with you! @gita.nagari.eco.farm #dairyfarm #slaughterfree #sanctuary #adoptacow @ Gita Nagari Farm

Amazing retreat by MIT Yoga 24×7 @ Gita Nagari Farm. It was transformative and inspirational! Absolutely zen!!

The warm hospitality and friendliness of everyone living here . There were alot of smiles, kindness and warmth that made me feel at home and welcome

I really apreciate the hospitality of the host and staff and their work at the farm

I appreciate how the animals are loved and cared for. There is a great sense of trust between the animals and the farm owners – it is inspiring.

I enjoyed all of it specifically the beauty of the farm, fresh air, warm hospitality, oneness of the yoga studio, quality of classes, and new information about the animals
I really loved the warmth of the Gita Nagari families
The fact that everyone was so respectfull and caring

It’s a very peaceful area and they really care about animals and nature

Humor and kindness everywhere
I really liked the compassionate comunication and PJ speaking
eco friendly efforts
Kindness, goodness